Slideshow image  Rasht Mayor & Guilan Governer honored Guilan Yoga Champions - Thursday 21 April 2011 Time 23:48
Rasht Mayor & Guilan Governer honored Guilan Yoga Champions

The ceremony of appreciation for Guilan’s yoga champions, who won medals in the First International Yoga Olympiad, Delhi 2010, was held on December 25th, at the Olympic auditorium in Azodi Sports Complex with the presence of Rasht’s mayor, some members of the city council, Vice-presidents , the managers and deputy managers of Guilan’s Physical Education Organization, the members of Guilan’s Sport For All Committee and the parents and the school principals of the champions.

In this ceremony, after the recitation of the holy Koran and the national anthem, Mr. Morteza Masroori, the vice-president of Physical Education Organization of Guilan, mentioned that the organization is going to run some new programs to expand sports in the province, which is in line with the government’s policies of the Four-Year Plan.

He also stated that Guilan ranks as the first province in the field of Sport For All activity among all provinces in Iran and that he is glad that Yoga is one of the sub-categories of Sport For All ,  has been so successful. He said that with more cooperation in the field of Sport For All activity , more success can be seen for Guilan’s talented youths and youngsters in different international fields.


Amir Hossein Nadimi, and Hamed Khavari did a beautiful performance of rhythmic yoga, which was well applauded.  Ms. Semiramiss Dehnadi Moghadam presented a report on how the team was sent to take part in these competitions, and thanked everyone who had a significant role in this success.


Guilan’s Physical Education Organization, and Sport For All Committee gave certificate and gifts to Guilan’s yoga team members, as well as the president and vice president of Guilan’s Yoga Committee. 

Guilan’s Mayor also gave precious gifts to Guiana’s yoga champions, with the cooperation of the City Hall’s cultural and sports organization.


In the end, Ms. Dehnadi Moghadam, as the representative of International yoga Federation and Vice-president of International Yoga Foundation , presented the honorary memento of this International Olympiad to the mayor of Rasht for his cooperation and services to promote this sport in the province of Guilan.